You May Prosper LLC

and be in good health 3 John 1:2

Once You Join Our Team

From the moment you join our business building enterprise, our family will help you launch your business by providing a wealth of opportunities for your success.

Through emails, conference calls, live video conferencing, meetings, fellowships, online classes group discussions, and events, we will inspire, encourage, support, and educate you on running a business, YL products, and updates on the company and new products-everything necessary for your business to grow and succeed.

Joining our team also provides the benefit of participating in leadership training events and trips for growing your business. As your business grows, Young Living blesses members with trips to their farms around the globe to see first hand the work of Young Living and how they produce the healthiest products on the planet.

Again, these are opportunities that are available to you if you so choose. Remember only 3-20 hours a week in this business is all it takes to build your family’s wealth!

Our team’s first Leadership Summit opportunity will be held in Franklin Tennessee (about 5.5 hours from St. Louis) on October 28 from 9am-10pm. The head of our team, Renee Yeo and her family, has invited Royal Crown Diamond, Monique McClean to share inspiring messages to experience growth and abundance with our business, focusing on what it takes to Rise, not only in Young Living, but in our personal and spiritual lives, and in our relationships as well.

This is business opportunity of a lifetime for blessing our families infinitely more than we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us because we serve an awesome God!

Join The Team!