You May Prosper LLC

And be in good health. 3 John 1:2

Our Story

Our family’s introduction to essential oils came in 2000 when a homeschooling chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Norton, recommended a regiment of Young Living essential oils to Jon for maintaining a healthy respiratory system. From that point forward, we became believers in the power of oils and how essential they were in maintaining optimal health.

In 2001, I invited Dr. David Stewart and Fran Norton to speak at our Heart to Heart Tea on essential oils and menopause. Many of our families began their journey using oils at that meeting.

In 2013, more of our families began their journey when Renee Yeo, came to our Family Covenant Ministries conference as a vendor for Young Living. I was immediately drawn to her lovely effervescent personality and her kind tender heart. When she found out that our family funded much of our conference, Renee suggested a Young Living business as a solution to our personal outlays of monies. It was not until years later that I fully grasped an understanding of the scope of her suggestion.

Even though I personally witnessed the effectiveness of oils on my family and friend’s health, I did not understand the immense force behind them until Renee Yeo presented the Oils of the Bible to our mothers and daughters at our Heart to Heart Tea in 2014. When I found out that essential oils are mentioned 1,035 times in 70% of the books of the Bible, I fully understood their vast significance. After hearing Renee speak, my son said he finally knew why the wise men gave Jesus Frankincense and Myrrh instead of rubies and diamonds.

After Renee brought Thieves cleaner, Einkorn flour, and other YL products when she came to visit our family, we began our journey in becoming a chemical free home.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. After talking with Renee and Carol Littmann, my daughter encouraged me to use a blend of essential oils that helped me maintain healthy skin. But for all the years that we had been using oils, it was not until the spring of 2017, after attending a Young Living meeting at the Littmann’s home where Renee’s daughter shared that her mother’s YL business was enabling her father to retire from his full time job, that I realized God was answering our prayers for something other than health.

My daughter and I had driven 2 hours to that meeting just so we could support both Renee Yeo and Carol Littmann’s family and their efforts in introducing more of our families to essential oils. Instead we were blessed beyond measure to find a way to help our homeschooling families create viable businesses that would create substantial generational wealth for their families, and ours, while also providing the income necessary to fund our annual FCM conference. Finally we understood that God was directing our family to begin our own Young Living business, and in turn encourage our families to join our team of business builders so we could help them begin viable family businesses for creating wealth for their children’s children.

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