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and be in good health 3 John 1:2


Pray that God blesses the work of your hands by helping you recruit other valuable team members.

Before an event, we hand out flyers to people we see when we run errands, and email those for whom we have email addresses, to let them know a bit about Young Living, the blessings of network marketing and what it could do for their family, share a few testimonials, and maybe a link or two to some great videos from other leaders in the company. Then we encourage them to bring family and friends.

Sarah Harnisch says in her book GamePlan, Set up an event for your class on Facebook. Go to your Facebook page. Look under your Facebook profile picture for a button that says “more.” Click on that, then scroll down till you see “events.” (Note: Not on Facebook? Get on it. Go to YouTube, to the search bar, and type in “21rst Century Social Media Trends” and watch a free 9-minute video on the power of social media that will blow your mind. One billion people are on Face book. That’s 1 in very 9 people in the world. Social media is where the people are-if you’re running a network marketing business, you should be there, too. Our team has used every marketing tool out there-radio, newspaper, flyers, word of mouth, testing-and hands down we’ve gotten the greatest return every time from Facebook events.)

You’ll be setting up “private Event” which means only and htose your friends invite will see the event. You’ll fill in basic information, select a photo for the top of your event (Google “Young Living banners” for some ideas), then put in the tie and location and address, and an FDA compliant description of the class.

Her sample Invitation: Do you want to learn how to kick toxic chemicals out of your home? I’ll walk you through step by step and give easy, simple, and affordable tactics that anyone can do with the best essential oils on the planet. This class is totally FREE and will blow your mind! I come with an iced NingXia bar for weary mommas! Gear up for a fast-paced, ground-up lecture on everything oils, and have some fun and pampering in the process. I can’t wait to see you! I’ll have freebies at the door for those who invite 50 friends on the Facebook event. It’s time to take control of the yuck in your home and kick it to the curb.

Once the event is up and people have been invited, market it. That means every single day you should be putting 1-2 posts up promoting the class. Pull FDA compliant photos off the Oil Ability with Sarah Facebook page and feel free to safely share those. Take a line out of the lecture and share that. Take a photo of the gift baskets you’ll give away, the desserts at the class, how you’re preparing for class.

When you have the event set up and 3 people have invited 50 people each to that event, make up a little basket to show your appreciation to your

hosts”. Pop in some thieves cleaner or lozenges or a peppermint roll-on. Add a couple of my oily education DVD;’s to the basket, and let them know you appreciate them. Keep the cost under five dollars, but hand deliver it with a thank you. If they aren’t local to you, pop it in the mail.

After class, tap into your new downline and ask three of them to invite 50 people to the class. Rinse end repeat. You have never-ending friend circles.

Schedule Class, Read Script, Repeat

This is the script Sarah Harnisch provided in the back of her book, GamePlan. She says to copy, schedule a class, and repeat. It’s the repeat that will get to you diamond. She tells her business builders if you do that 4-6 times a month, that’s generally enough volume to reach the rank of Silver in six months. That’s 12 hours a month. A silver income is usually $2,000-$3000 a month. You, your starter kit, and your 101 Script. That’s all this takes.


The average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every sing day, and 80 of those chemicals are before breakfast! Most are from four things-soap, makeup, shampoo, and hair care. The biggest pollutants in our home are fabric softener, dryer sheets, air freshener plug-ins, and candles. You are literally poisoning your family every day with the stuff that you can’t pronounce in your home, like your bright blue dish soap, the cleaner you use for your kitchen counters, processed food, and more. Health and safety date only exists for 15 percent of all the chemicals out here, even though so many are known to cause asthma or endocrine disruptions.

Essential oils are a better way. They are totally chemical free, steam distilled or cold pressed from put plants. There’s nothing in them but that one oil, whether it is lemon, tangerine, lavender, peppermint, or others. There are over a million uses for essential oils-cleaning supplies, personal care products like toothpaste and deodorant, in the diffuser, oil-infused nutritional supplements. Come to a one-hour class that cost you nothing to learn how to kick the chemicals in your home to the curb. I will walk you through step by step. It’s easy, simple, and it’s a small change you can make to protect your family and take charge of what’s in your house.”


Keep them simple but fun

Provide light refreshments-veggies/dip, fruit, or cookies…

Turn on some music

Place starter kit on the table

Diffuse lovely scented oils-cloves, lavender…

Place a gift basket of YL products at the welcome table

Place contact information clipboard next to basket

Welcome each guest

Tell them if they would like to win the basket to put down their contact info

Provide nametags and marker

Share your story

Share the value of YL products

Share the value of YL company

Share product testimonials

Pass around bottles of oils for guests to smell

Share the value of the kit- only thing on YL’s site half off –truly a bargain

Explain what comes in the kit and pass it around

22 oils, diffuser, literature, NingXia samples, and 24% off your oils for life

Share the Essential Rewards as it provides the greatest savings

(Your residual income comes from Essential Rewards)

Or pop in Sarah’s “How to Get Your Oils For Free DVD

Share the value of the business opportunity

Share business testimonials

(If don’t feel like teaching, pop Sarah Harnisch’s 101 DVD in.)

Pass clipboard around for those interested in a class

Invite them to attend the next event with family and friends

Ask them if they know others who might be interested

Share your referral rewards plan

Pass out bag with business card, sample, Mini GamePlan, date of next event

Finish with a strong closing

End with Proverbs 21:20 There is precious treasure and oil in the dwelling of the wise.

Enroll members immediately on your laptop

Set date within 48-72 hours to go over the kit with them over the phone.

How to use diffuser, oils, benefits of NingXia, how to log into their Virtual Office, and answer any questions they may have. Give them your number so they recognize it when you call. Write the date in your planner.

Place them on your email list for updates, news, and testimonials

I issue the three-cabinet challenge in my classes and tell them to go home, flip over the products in any three cabinets of their home and Google the ingredients. It they don’t know what it is, they shouldn’t be slathering it on their body or cleaning with it. Then I encourage them to switch to chemical-free essential oils. Sarah Harnisch The GamePlan

Themed Events

Once in a while, plan a themed event such as A Chemical Free Home, Promoting Children’s Wellness, The Oils of the Bible, Products for the Men in Your Home, Cooking With Essential Oils, Savvy Mineral Makeup for Savvy Women, Essential Oils for Animals, Young Living Trivia Night…

Essential Rewards

Let them know that as a distributor, they not only get a great discount at wholesale prices, but they can get their own products free and additional income if they send others to your site to order products.

Follow Up

Every one in the business says that the fortune is in the follow up!

-If someone responds negatively, move on and never contact again.

-If someone says they are not interested, move on, but come back when you are making a substantial income and share your story again. You may begin by saying, I know when I approached you before it did not seem like a good time for you, but it has been awhile and I just wanted you to know that I am doing…and would like for you to become a part of my team so you can be blessed as well. If they still are not interested, don’t contact again.

-For someone who did not purchase a kit, ask them what they liked about the class. See what they are interested in and ask if they would like to get a kit. If they are not presently interested, ask if you can mail them some more resources. Send a sample, note, and another DVD on oils.

If they say yes, walk them through the process of ordering and send a similar package as a thank you.

Essential Rewards Customer

Call on the date you set at your meeting

Walk them through their first order

Share the value of their products

Make suggestions on how to use the products

Record date of their first order

Send a hand written thank you for their purchase or membership

Week before next monthly order, help them order again by making suggestions of new products

Let them know if they do nothing they will receive the same products the following month

Email YL updates, new products, specials, upcoming meetings or events

Business Builder

Encourage them to create their contact list

Launch their business by scheduling 3 gatherings within 2-3 weeks

One of our team meetings, one of your meetings, and one they host

Read YL Member Resources Getting Started-all the way through

Read YL Member Resources, Policies and Procedures-all the way through

Keep in contact the first several months by email, text, Facebook or calls

Ask how they are doing

What they need help with

Help keep them on track

Continually remind them of their why

Encourage their efforts

Celebrate their victories

Impart to them the importance of coming to team events

Check at the end of each month to make certain leaders have spent their 100PV so they get paid commissions

It is our job to launch our team members business as quickly as possible! Holding meetings twice a month to every week, helps new distributors learn duplication and grow their business quickly. When we first began, we held meetings every two weeks, so our new team members could bring back quests, get more training, and grow at the same time.

Try to attend and get your team members to attend as many team events, leadership summits, and YL conventions as possible as these build confidence, excitement, and grows the business exponentially.

As a team leader, it is important for you to keep your team members plugged in so consider hosting a luncheon, tea, barbecue, game night, picnic, party periodically.

Host Get Events In Other Homes

Often it is easier for friends to get their friends to come to a meeting if they host it. So hold meetings in other’s homes.

When Sarah Robbins, author of Rock Your Network Marketing Business, began calling friends and family, she would say, “I have a business is that is growing in your area, and I would love to meet new people. Would you be willing to host an event for me? You invite your friends, I will do all the work, and I’ll even throw in free products as a ‘thank you’!”

Members Appreciation Event

Sarah also suggests Customer Appreciation Events. “Once a quarter my local team and I did friends, family and customer appreciation events. In the evening we would do a “Cocktails and Conversations” event…during the day, ‘coffee and Conversations.” Sometimes we would hold a luncheon. We focus on sharing customer testimonials, highlight new products, do fun games and drawings. And of course, we mentioned the opportunity and shared our business success stories! Our friends, family, and customers would come and bring their friends! We always had tremendous results.”

Pass Out Samples

Keep samples and business cards in your purse or pocket to hand out to those you talk to when you are out and about. Get their name and number and follow up to find out how the product helped.

Young Living Sample Packet

Gift Your Products

Before our family began this business, Sonia and I were constantly gifting our friends and neighbors with YL products to help them support their immune system. Now that we have this business, we share our business opportunity as well.

Our family has always blessed others in our lives with little thank you gifts for whatever they did for us, including having us over for dinner. Those gifts are now YL samples.

Referral Rewards

In our businesses, we always try to bless our customers for their business and also for referrals. Most of our customers have come from other customers referring our family business to them. Let your customers know that you will give them…for referring a new customer.

Tapping Into Established Relationships

Over the years, we have formed some great relationships with business owners whom we have done business with over the years. From our contractor and plumber, to our mechanic, there is a host of friends who need to hear about this opportunity-painter, landscaping company, veterinarian, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, attorney, and financial advisor…

Think about all the places you patronize and all the same people who wait on you at the grocery store, bank, clothing store, restaurant, hairdressers, dentist office…

Let them know how much you have appreciated their business, product, or service over the years, and that you want to share with them products and business that has blessed your family.

When someone waits on us that I believe to be exceptional, I let them know about our business and invite them to our home for one of our meetings. This week I shared our story with a young man at our hardware store and the manager at our Office Max, asked them where else they could invest so little time and money and earn a six to seven figure income, and invited them to a meeting in our home to find out more about our business.


Our family always enjoys lovely conversations with others when we are traveling. Now we incorporate our business opportunity into our conversations and pass out business cards to encourage participation in the business.

Contact Past Prospects

Often when people say no to the business, it isn’t that they would never be interested but that the timing was not right then. Thank them and then ask if they might know others who might be interested. Write the names and numbers down. Ask if they will call their friends to let them know that you will be calling in a few days.

After six months or so, contact the people that said no with “I know the timing wasn’t right before, but…” and share your success, the success of other members on your team, the company’s growth, new developments and new products.

Handling Objections

Several authors that I have read recommend handling objections with “Feel, Felt, Found” method. Sarah Robbins suggest saying, “I understand how you feel; I felt the same way when I got started; but here’s what I found out.”

That has not been too difficult when it comes to network marketing. When people object, I can easily say that I know how they feel, I felt the same way, but here is what I found out about network marketing…

Or how about “I don’t have the time”. I love this one! “I know exactly how you feel. With being a pastor’s wife, state leaders for homeschoolers, taking care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s, operating a dairy, sawmill, and farm with nearly 300 animals, I felt the same way but I found out that I could still find 5 hours a week to make a few calls, send a few emails, and hold a meeting or two a month to make an extraordinary income for my children.”

If someone doesn’t feel like they know anyone, tell them you know how they feel that you felt the same way but you found ways to recruit new prospects and customers that you would be happy to share with them.

It’s all about looking at the glass half full instead of half empty!

Join The Team!