You May Prosper LLC

and be in good health 3 John 1:2

Team Training

FDA Compliance

Read Chapter 16 in GamePlan-Staying Legal: Comprehensive FDA Training

Read the new chart under Member Resources tab in your virtual Office

  1. Use YL products
  2. Tell others what the product did for you and your family
  3. Tell other’s stories of what the products did for them
  4. Listen to people’s problems, solve them by recommending YL
  5. Invite them to a get together for learning more
  6. Make it simple enough that anyone can duplicate what you do

To forge your vision and mission, which becomes your motivation, write down why you began your YL business.

Set dates for reaching your goals.

Post your reasons in a place you see everyday as these fuel your motivation to forge ahead. Cut pictures out of magazines or print pictures from the internet of the washer you need right now, the carpeting needed to replace the old one, the vehicle you need to replace the unreliable one in the drive, the land you wish to purchase, house you wish to build or buy, the houses you want to build for your parents and your children, the places you want to take your children on vacations, the ministries you wish to fund…

Write down all the people you know. Take them from your phone list, Christmas list, Facebook account, bible study, church…

Invite them to one of our meetings.

Schedule your own meetings and invite them to those. The more meetings you schedule upfront, the more immediate success you will experience, which in turn, keeps you motivated at the beginning.

Create a daily schedule. This is a business, albeit, part time, but if you want it to succeed, you must work it like a business, not a hobby. For most members, it is easier to make 2-5 calls in the morning. Some continue to answer phone calls and emails. I prefer to do those at night when everyone else is in bed. Just do what works best for you-but make out a schedule.

Create a professional voice mail on your phone.

Print business cards with the name of your company, contact information, a link to your website, and your YL sign-up link (, so every time you are out and about you can hand them out to possible recruits. Set a goal of handing out as many of your cards in a day as you would make calls that day if you were home.

If you are on Facebook, start advertising this amazing business.

Collect customer testimonials to add to your presentations and website.

Create your own story

  1. History of your health/financial challenges or interest in YL products
  2. How you were introduced to YL
  3. What products you first used and how they helped you
  4. Recommend the products and the business that helped you

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