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In 1994, Vicki Opfer, was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by her daughter who, at the age of 13, wanted an Essential Kit. When Vicki discovered that Young Living was network marketing company, she was very resistant to enroll and had no interest in building a business.

Two years later, after experiencing the profound effect of essential oils on her health and wellness, Vicki made the personal commitment to share them with many people as possible during her lifetime. Two and half years later, Vicki became the second Diamond (average annual income $465,000) in the company.

She says, “Our job is simple: to share in a genuine, effective, and duplicable way, so that people now, and in the future, can live healthier, happier, and more abundant lives. The key to our success is in teaching the people in our organizations how to effectively share with their friends and families.’

In the words of my friend, Nozomu Shinriki, ‘the greatest gift that Young Living has to give us is the rewarding feeling we get when we help others-physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.’” The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke

Dr. Scott and Brenda Schuler Scott a chiropractor and Brenda an Exercise Physiologist, were both groomed in the philosophy of the traditional “job”. In 1999, a co-worker introduced Brenda to Young Living to aid in her digestive issues. Disillusioned by previous Network Marketing experience, Brenda only used Young Living’s incredible products for herself and family. Not understanding the Network Marketing opportunity, they believed in and shared the product, but Scott refused to let Brenda share with friends and family because it was Network Marketing.

In 2008, after the birth of their 3rd son, Scott watched as Brenda’s checks continued to rise and passion changed. He made the decision to “fire” her from his chiropractic clinic and encouraged her to follow her newly found passion with Young Living.

Putting in 10-12 hours days, Scott enviously watched Brenda’s freedom of time and income rise as he was stuck, even as a business owner, trading more time for less money. In 2010 Scott and Brenda made the decision to sell his part of the chiropractic clinic. Scott and Brenda’s new partnership propelled their business forward to new heights.

Currently their organization is 25,000 members strong and averaging 1,200+ new members a month These numbers result in yearly sales well into the 8 figure range. The Four Year Career Richard Brooke

Sarah Harnisch With God’s complete grace, I attained Platinum rank in Young Living 17 months after getting my starter kit, while homeschooling my five children, rearing a special needs son, anchoring news full time starting at 4:00 a.m., and cooking gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy –free meals for seven people with allergies.

For more than a decade and a half I have been a news anchor, which meant depleting my body of sleep and robbing my husband and children of time. It was extremely hard on my body, like running a marathon every single day. I retired from full-time radio…after just 14 months with Young Living.

When I launched my Young Living business, I lived in a new state, in an extremely rural and impoverished area with poor internet, and had no circle of friends.

In four months, I made more with Young Living than in 16 years of anchoring news. Two years out, I have multiplied the highest income I ever made in my life by five-and the best is yet to come.

I believe that with Christ as the center of your business, and tenacity, anyone can run a Young Living business. It has nothing to do with whom you know, how famous you are, how you look, what your personality is, where you live, or how much income or time you have. If I can pull this off-you can pull this off. Author of the GamePlan The Complete Strategy Guide to go from Starter Kit to Silver Sarah Harnisch.

Lindsay Teague Moreno is a driven, no-nonsense leader. She rose through the Young Living ranks to Royal Crown Diamond in an amazing 15 months and hasn’t stopped reaching for higher goals. We were able to take a few minutes and sit down with Lindsay to get her take on success, business, and where she sees things headed in the future.

I have three small kids, and we were getting ready to go on a trip in February of 2013. I saw a post on Facebook about using oils and had the insight that they might be great to take with us. I fell madly in love with Thieves®. At the time I actively tried not to pursue the business, but on March 25, 2013, it was made very clear to me that THIS was my path, and I began pursuing the business of Young Living. That is the day the Lemon Droppers were born!

Right now there are over 131,000 members in my downline, and close to a quarter of them are business members, including two Royal Crown Diamond, six Diamond, 31 Platinum, 85 Gold, 490 Silver, and 1,157 Executive members. In fewer than two years, those numbers astound me, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us! We’re doing our best to accomplish the mission set before us: to get oils into every home.

Living by Design: An Interview With Melissa Poepping Author of the Chemical Free Home

Melissa Poepping is a Young Living Crown Diamond who lives on a busy little hobby farm in central Minnesota with her husband and three children. They have been using essential oils since 1998 and began using oils in their everyday lives in 2005 after welcoming their first child to the family. Essential oils have found the way into every aspect of their daily lives and into every corner of their home.

Melissa recently hosted her annual Spirit of Wellness Event in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where more than 600 members were in attendance and raised $31,000 for the D. Gary Young Foundation. After witnessing the enormous impact Melissa has on those around her, we wanted to spend a few minutes with her to learn more about her journey with Young Living.

I was working 70–75 hours a week as a mortgage broker for 10 years in an intense, high-stress environment. I took the work and the stress home with me every day, and it started taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. A friend introduced me to essential oils, and I began to implement them into my daily life. After the birth of my first child in 2005, I realized I couldn’t leave her and go back to work. I became acutely aware of everything in our home and sought out ways to create the best possible environment for her. As I began to use more Young Living oils and products in my home, I felt an emotional connection. I realized I could provide income for my family while doing something I loved and believed in.

My own fears were my greatest obstacle. For the first few years after my daughter’s birth, I tried a variety of work-at-home jobs. In the summer of 2010, I took a leap of faith and decided to give Young Living 100 percent of my time and eliminated everything else. I had to step out in faith and face my fears. As soon as I let go and trusted, my whole way of thinking changed. When my focus was solely on making money, I struggled and found myself stuck. So I began imagining myself having financial freedom and asking myself, “How would a Diamond do this?” That’s when everything began to change.

Where many would find defeat in challenge, I found opportunity. It’s nothing short of breathtaking what happens when you begin to realize and achieve new visions, new goals, and new dreams by believing in your highest potential. In November 2014, four short years after I focused completely on Young Living, I reached Crown Diamond. I found that I have the ability to create my own future, and circumstances do not define me. I eagerly share my story with others and take great joy in seeing them achieve their goals.

Being part of Young Living allows my husband, Wayne, and I to raise our three children, be present in every moment, and live life as a family free of many common worries. I have the opportunity to educate others and share my journey with them, with the flexibility to do it without missing out on my children’s lives. This is an opportunity I never would have had in my prior career, and I am grateful every day to be there for my family. I can also empower other moms to do the same for their families, which motivates and recharges me. I thrive on motivating women to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals and still be able to play a vital role in their families.

What I believe in is simple: I believe that at the core of each and every one of us is the desire to accomplish great things, the dream to achieve more than we thought possible, and the determination to leave this world better than the day we found it. I believe that we have a responsibility to impact generations to come and an obligation to show others how to duplicate our foundation. I believe that this is how you leave a legacy. From Young Living Leaders

Author of Gentle Babies, Debra Raybern Only one company-Young Living Essential Oils-has earned my trust and endorsement. YL’s sophisticated and proprietary steam distillation process uses low heat, proper pressure, precise timing and, of course, fresh, properly grown and harvested plants to deliver essential oils with quality and purity unmatched in todays market. Author of Gentle Babies, Debra Raybern is certified in various holistic modalities, including naturopathy, through the Herbal Healer Academy. She is a master Herbalist Degree from the School of natural Healing, as Internationally Certified Aromatherapist by the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and as a Certified Nutritional counselor with the American Association of Nutritional Counselors. Debra’s wellness articles have appeared in Countryside, Home School Digest, The Link and An encouraging Word…

Jamie & Chelsea Flaman started off as product users with little interest in the business. They were always dreaming up ways to work less and earn more but were skeptical of the Network Marketing model. With three young children, full-time jobs and a good deal of debt, there was little time left to enjoy life’s blessings.

Chelsea “accidently” started a business as she truly believed that everyone needs the products Young Living has to offer. The first month that their upline Adam Green sat down with them to actively set some goals, their numbers really took off. Filling in the calendar was a priority, along with following up with new members. They went form Executive to Gold in seven months and achieved Silver in six months. With a strong system in place of leaders equipping leaders, their increase in sales has been a steady 75% per month with a 500% increase in sales volume in just four months with a team that is growing by 100+ members a month.

We love that we can spend more time at home with our kids and teach them from a young age how to take ownership of their health and financial stability. We are so blessed to be doing this together and truly live our lives with our young family without subscribing to the rat race that is our culture-always working longer and harder to earn more and never really having the time for energy to enjoy any of it. Richard Brooke The Four Year Career

Aly & Salina Bhimji have both dealt with their share of health problems at such young ages. For most of his life, Aly suffered from severe asthma forcing him onto a ventolin pump, and steroids, which seemed to be doing more harm than good. Salina battled with severe eye problems since she was five. From retinal holes, to surgery, to severe corneal stress to almost legally blind, she was told there was little hope in what she could do, until she was introduced to Young Living. Salina found the product at a wellness festival and after using them and seeing their great benefits, they were eager to get them into every home possible. In less than two years, Aly and Salina Bhimji have built a massive organization of over 1,500 people. They have personally sponsored 90 individuals with an approximate sales volume of $1.4 million a year. “When you understand that six committed people, working alongside you, can build a global business with tens of thousands of people, you will fully understand the power of Network Marketing.” Richard Brooke The Four Year Career

Carla and Bill Green are practitioners at their physical therapy, acupuncture, and holistic health clinic. At the 2000 World Natural Medicine Conference, Carla met her mentor, Dr. Carolyn DeMarco who introduced Carla to the amazing treatment effects of Young Living essential oils. As a pediatric acupuncture specialist, when Carla heard how these oils could help all her patients, especially ‘her kids,’ she was hooked.

Being the consummate researcher, Carla began looking at why these oils worked in the human body. She discovered they stimulated the pituitary hypothalamus axis in the brain, the same part of the brain stimulated by acupuncture, which she trusted.

Carla began successfully using oils on her family. She was soon trying them on her patients. “I chose the essential oil before their acupuncture treatment. All of these patients said it “was the best treatment they ever had.”

Carla transitioned out of using Traditional Chinese Herbs, replacing them with essential oils.

Originally we hid the business aspect, as “MLM” was a bad word! We simply offered people a way to purchase wholesale for their personal use.” Through voracious sharing they “accidently” won the 2007 Young Living incentive cruise, which changed their lives and their opinion of MLM. Networking with other successful Young Living leaders and not trying to “re-create the wheel” of success, paved the way for their business momentum. “We loved that fact that no matter what your income, or background if you were wiling to learn the easy-to-learn skills of Network marketing, you had an equal opportunity for financial success!”

Today the “Green Team” is fast approaching 4,000 members, 282 personally enrolled, adding 600 new member per month, with $4+million in sales per year. The Four Year Career Richard Brooke

Adam Green, son of Carla and Bill Green, the youngest man to become a Royal Crown Diamond, was introduced to Young Living by his mom at age 11. During College, Adam hit the low point of his life, living for he weekend and partying to escape reality, living without a driven purpose. Then Adam discovered network marketing. With a passion for helping other and natural health, Young Living was the perfect fit. The ability to control his own destiny and retirement by being his own boss was very enticing especially looking at retiring form traditional work in four year instead of forty! In 2011, at 22 year old, after 2 ½ year working as a personal trainer and building his Young Living business part time, Adam resigned and committed full time to his business.

At the time of his retirement in November 2011, Adam’s team numbered just over 250 members completing under $200,000 of annual sales, adding only a few new members every month. Fast forward to 2013, Adam’s team has grown to almost 3,000 members. At only 24 years old, Adam has an organization that currently completes almost $3,000,000 in annual sales, growing monthly by 400+ members. The Four Year Career Richard Brooke

Richard Brooke At the age of 22, I joined the ranks of the network Marketing profession. It took me three years to make a living at it. I quit 100 times. Three years later I had 30,000 active partners building the business with me. I was earning $40,000 a month in 1983 at the age of 28. I have earned millions since. Richard Brooke, author of The Four Year Career

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