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The Power of Network Marketing and Compound Interest

Richard Brooke in The Four Year Career points out that if you enroll just 4 people who enroll 4, for 16 who enroll 4, for 64 who enroll 4, you will have 256 in four generations for a total of 340. If each uses and recommends just an average of $100 a month in products for $34,000 in monthly sales, earning an average of 10% on each generation of sales for a residual income of $3,410 a month. More than 75% of your group’s sales and your earnings come from fourth generation distributors. If the 256 enrolled 4 each you would have 1,024 and by the fifth generation would be generating $10,240 in monthly earnings.

Consider what it would require to amass $1 million in real estate. It could easily take a lifetime of sacrifice, risk and management. And $1 million in real estate might earn you $5000 a month. Now contrast that with building a million dollar residual income asset in network marketing while at the same tie investing $1,000 a month, then $2,000, $2,000 and ultimately $5,000 a month in real estate, stocks bonds, etc. Ten years of this and you could be a multimillionaire with three sources of residual income.

When the children were young, Jon asked them if they would like a million dollars or a penny that doubled every day for a month. Of course the children told him that they wanted the million. In fact, every adult that Jon has asked since then has said the million dollars. That is why the rich understand compound interest while the poor pay it. After 31 days, one penny doubled everyday becomes $10, 737,418.24.

This the power of network marketing!

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