You May Prosper LLC

and be in good health 3 John 1:2

What is possible ~ There is hope

by Sarah Harnisch

My heart is full of joy and gratefulness.
I am choosing to pause today and make a list of what has changed in our lives
because of our work with Young Living.

  1.  I retired one year after getting my starter kit. One year later my husband John retired.
    That means rest for my body and a normal sleep schedule!
  2. We are also now totally debt free: 250,000 dollars and 19 years of stress gone,
    including our loan’s for Gabe’s school. All our medical debt- 70,000 in student loansgone.
    Credit cards we’d had for 20 years.
  3.  We just paid cash for a home in Corning- no mortgage!
  4. I have had the honor of watching this happen for dozens of people on my team. My
    sister retired from 3 jobs. My mom is making thousands a month and bought a home in
    New York. My brother just ranked executive and is enroute to Silver.
  5. I have a front row seat to watch it on my team too- a mom living in a 600 square foot
    home with 5 kids and no stove, purchased her first home. Another is totally debt free.
    Another, able to stand on her feet financially after her husband left. So many stories. All
    of them good.
  6. I have traveled the world with my kids after 19 years of no family vacations. In 2
    years, my homeschoolers and I have been to the Holy Land and Ephesus Turkey,
    Greece, Venice, Croatia, Alaska, Hawaii, Belize, Honduras, Ecuador, and 36 states. We
    will hit 14 more cities this fall and Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia next March. I
    have wanted to travel with them for so long! They are now little globe trotters and
    seasoned travelers.
  7. I have gotten every bottle of Young Living oil, every supplement, and every personal
    care product- toothpaste, shampoo, cleanser- for free. More then 30,000 dollars worth
    of product.
  8. Young Living has generously loved on John and I with free retreats to their farms,
    swag, flowers at my door and relationships- deep ones- around the globe.
  9. I now have a legacy income for my kids forever- much better then a 401k that would
    be gone in 6 months. I know my children will be cared for long after I am gone, and will
    never have to live in the projects like John and I did for 12 years.
  10. But my favorite perk has been the giving. With a Diamond income- I am able to give
    generously and anonymously. My goal since I was a teenager was to live on 10 percent
    and tithe 90- the reverse tithe- and God has said yes!!!! That alone was a game
    changer for me.

Is this worth it?
I give that answer a resounding yes! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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