You May Prosper LLC

And be in good health. 3 John 1:2

Why Young Living Business

Offers a life changing opportunity

Instead of owning a store you own the franchise

Helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary things

Provides an unlimited earning potential

Does not require college degree, store, overhead, employees, insurance…

Requires only a minimal investment of $160

Never sell one product

Just share what you love

All ordering is done on YL site

Ships directly to customer’s home

Earn money while you learn the business

Free to work at home

Work Part Time on fortune while working full time for a living

Only 3-20 hours a week provides an enormous income

Make more money a month than yearly income from full time job

Allows you to retire from full time job

Flexibility to choose your own schedule

Restores the home by rebuilding the family

Presents fathers the time to disciple their children

Sets the course for others to restore their families and communities

Strengthens America by restoring the backbone of our nation

Provides unlimited financial rewards-income/commissions/bonuses

Earn money on sales generated by your team

Earn great income for doing great things for God’s kingdom

Generates willable residual income for your children

Blessed by helping others earn great incomes

Market never more favorable for what we offer

YL provides healthy consumable products that every family needs

YL preeminent in a booming health and wellness trend

YL billion dollar company in a multi billion dollar market

YL projected growth to double in America in 2018

YL worldwide growth expected to explode even more

YL produces the best, purest oils in the world

Products for home, men, women, babies, children, pets, farm animals

Founder Gary Young recognized worldwide as a master of cultivation, distillation, and formulation of essential oils

Founder dedicated his life, time, and resources to helping others

Founder’s mission to bring YL’s pure essential oils into every home in the world to enhance the quality of life for people everywhere

Operates 15 farms and thousands of acres around the globe

Farms never been polluted with herbicides, pesticide, or chemicals

Weed control maintained by hoeing and hand pulling

Distilled at the peak of harvest without chemicals

Every YL farm has an organic composting yard

Practices organic sustainable agriculture

Company adheres to standard of excellence for all their products

Works with 7 independent labs around the world to determine properties and purity of YL essential oils

Continually develops new products

Doing business for over 20 years

Gary Young Foundation provides education, economic, and medical support to individuals and communities worldwide

Only those who quit before the momentum picks up will fail

Where else can people invest so little time and money and earn a six to seven figure income

Even as a middle class family in the richest nation on earth, we could not breathe with our regular jobs. Young Living is a way out. The Lord has sent you a boat. Get on it and get off that island where you’re financially. Stranded. GamePlan Sarah Harnisch

Willable Income-The Best Perk Ever

Once you make $3,000 a month and write a perpetual will, then connect with Young Living and fill out their paperwork, the income your business generates will go to your children forever. So, say you have 5 kids like me, and are making $15,000 a month as a Platinum-that’s $3000 a month for each child! My kids will never grow up without food in their stomach or a roof over their head. Young Living brings peace of mind. That’s the biggest perk to me. It’s legacy income, not a 401K that disappears when the cash is gone. GamePlan Sarah Hanisch

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